Gil's Elegant Catering

Gil’s Elegant Catering

You have our catering services squared away for your upcoming wedding and you’re so excited to be serving Gil’s Elegant Catering on your big day! Next up, you’ll want to make sure to complement our catering with beautiful and unique place settings! Here’s a few ideas that we have been loving this year.

One idea that we’ve seen and love is using butcher paper instead of a traditional placemat. This adds a rustic, DIY feel to your wedding that is unique and fun! You can use a color or you can use a neutral color, like a brown or an off-white. If you do it right, this will bring a fun charm to your reception.

Something else that will elevate your place settings is using gold utensils instead of silver! This is a unique and bold option that will make your tables have even more elegance. Everyone will love this choice and be talking about how great of a choice it was.

For decor around your place settings or on top of your menu, use precious stones! You can use quartz, clear, rose, or any other color depending on your color scheme. Other than quartz, there are so many affordable precious stones that will add that pop to your table settings, too. It will be a unique place setting that you most likely won’t see again.

Lastly, if you love the eclectic vibe, use mismatch plates. You can easily find beautiful mismatch plates at a vintage or antique store for a great price! Don’t be afraid to ask family members that you’re close to if they have any that you can borrow, too!

No matter how you decide to set up your place settings, we are so excited to be your caterer! Take a look at our menus page to see which type of catering best suits you!