By the Best Dallas Wedding Caterer

Edible flowers are the food decor of the hour, right now! Edible flowers are a unique way to dress up your drinks, food, and even some of your main plates. As your favorite Dallas wedding caterer wanted to highlight edible flowers and the different uses that they can have for you.

Using edible flowers on your wedding cake is a beautiful and traditional way to use them! You can decorate it with a few to a lot. They look phenomenal on a naked cake because they become one of the highlights of the cake. The difference with using edible flowers compared to non-edible or even fondant flowers is that, depending on the flavors of your cake, it can elevate this flavor profile! No one will have to pick these off or be worried about eating some of it because they can.

Have a signature drink menu? Add some edible flowers in as a garnish to each drink! Just a flower or two will take the drink from just a drink to an experience.

You can also use edible flowers within your main dishes, as well. Adding them to the side of a meat dish will up the look of how the food is being served. Adding some springs of rosemary, or something similar on top of the food, will not only elevate the style, but also the taste!

Lastly, you can use this floral trend on top of other desserts, too! Using florals like lavender, dandelions, or chamomile will add an edge to the flavor and the look of each dessert that you present to your guests! These florals will make your desserts, like cookies, look even better without doing much! Adding edible flowers just gives them a new dynamic that goes from dessert to experience.

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