Dallas Wedding Caterer

Now that it is 2020, new food trends for weddings are popping up. Whether you treat your guests to colorful food, worldly cuisine, or twists on classic favorites, everyone will love these fun and delicious options. As your favorite Dallas Wedding Caterer, we wanted to share our favorite 2020 trends with you.

  • Colorful food is very in for 2020! One idea for this trend is going with a dessert that has lots of different colors, like a tart. You can also go for a buffet with lots of different colors of vegetables. Colorful food just looks better which makes people fully believe it tastes better, too. Not only this, but it will keep every part of your wedding truly beautiful and full of color.
  • Family style meals are also becoming a trend again. If you’re doing a sit down, plated dinner consider a family style option! This means that rather than serving each individual plate, everything is on platters at each table for people to choose.
  • Fusion food is another trend that is coming to the wedding world. We have been seeing fusion as a food trend for a few years now, but it is beginning to make its appearance in weddings now! This is a great option for the more adventurous foodie couple!
  • Lastly, gourmet twists on classic favorites is all the rage this year! Adult grilled cheeses with fancy cheese and vegetables can be expected. Another great example of this are grilled sliders that your parents used to make. Amped up, these might have aioli and grilled chicken on them instead of mayo and lunch meat. There are so many classics that you could put a twist on that you and your guests will love.

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