We absolutely value the tradition of an elegantly plated seated dinner, and the casual convenient fun of a delicious buffet. But we’ve seen quite a few wedding receptions, and we have to say that couples who incorporate action stations into their catering package are never disappointed! Guests’ reactions to these interactive (and scrumptious!) pop-up stations are priceless. Check out our top reasons why action stations are worth considering for your big day.

  • Make a statement: arriving at your wedding reception ought to be a memorable moment for guests. All the wedding details you’ve selected come together at this moment to create a jaw dropping scene, from grand décor down to calligraphed table numbers. Your catering selection should add to the spectacle of the event, and action stations are the perfect way to do just that. Catering action stations make a statement, with chefs whipping up delicious food right in front of your guests. It’s one of the extra-mile statements that makes a memorable impact your friends and family will be talking about long after your special day.
  • Provide entertainment: watching a live chef prepare your appetizers adds a level of excitement and entertainment to your reception. Guests can enjoy watching the food preparation, and have the opportunity to ask friendly chefs about the food.
  • Facilitate mingling: one of the drawbacks of passed appetizers is that your guests don’t have any incentive to move around. An action station is a catering choice that encourages guests to check out the chef and food. By drawing people to various stations and moving them through each one, you’ll facilitate more mixing and mingling among your guests.
  • Keep guests happy: it can take awhile for the bridal party to arrive at the reception venue, or to changeover the ceremony venue into reception mode. Action stations keep guests happy during the wait by providing the perfect combination of food and entertainment. In addition to the entertainment factor, you’re giving guests an opportunity to snack as much or as little—whenever they’re ready. Some guests might be starving after your ceremony, while others might not be ready to jump in quite yet. Action stations give your guests more control over their meal, and on top of that can tide them over if you’re still waiting to serve a main course.
  • Customizable: most caterers have a wide variety of options for action stations. You can select one or several, and tailor the menus to your specific tastes. You can serve hearty portions (a delicious pasta carbonara, or mac n cheese!), or lighter appetizers (anything from tiny tacos to delectable sweets). Giving your guests options is a surefire way to keep everyone happy.
  • Personal: the bottom line is that action stations say something personal about you and your wedding style. You have the opportunity to provide a unique and customized cuisine, with an entertainment factor built right in. It’s a gesture that accommodates your guests and welcomes them warmly into a spectacular wedding reception.

Whether you opt for passed appetizers, buffets, plated dinners, or action stations, don’t forget to ask your caterer about customization options! Your wedding is completely unique to you—your food should be no exception.Make sure you ask yourself, should we have action stations at our wedding? Consider action stations as a fun way to add a special dose of entertainment and savory delight to your reception, and you won’t be disappointed.

If you’d like to hear more about the action stations offered at Gil’s, feel free to get in touch!