benefits of action station

Benefits of an Action Station – Gil’s Elegant Catering

Still trying to decide which serving style is best for your special day? Buffet meals and plated dinners each have distinctive pros and cons; but the great thing about buffet meals is you can add or only use action stations.

Similar to a buffet, except chef’s prepare and serve foods at the buffet (rather than in the kitchen). Adding a couple of action stations to a buffet style of service can help alleviate the long lines at the main buffet, plus it adds a fun interactive element to the event and guests love the chance to interact with the chef.

Foods that lend themselves well to action station service include wok stations, mashed potato bars, fajitas, pasta stations, grilled meats, omelets, crepes, sushi, gourmet taco, gourmet burgers, and flaming desserts. These stations are sometimes called “performance stations” or “exhibition cooking.”

Catering stations provide entertainment, variety, and tasty food. They allow flexible timing for guests to eat whenever they’d like, and encourage movement flow throughout your venue. Additionally, serving food right off the grill at an action station ensures food will be hot, fresh, and delicious.

So if you decide to go with a buffet style for dinner, don’t forget to incorporate an action station or two.