Dallas Wedding Catering Tips

Looking for Dallas wedding catering tips?

Have you ever wanted to try something different from the typical seated dinner?

A wedding without a seated dinner, however, is not necessarily a wedding without food—but removing a traditional, seated dinner leaves you with endless possibilities.

Dessert Reception

If you and your fiancé have a sweet tooth consider a dessert reception. We have a lot of stunning dessert presentations from shortcake buffets to cheesecake martini bars. If something is not on our menu, just ask and we will be happy to create your own custom dessert bar.  Side note, if you do opt for a dessert only reception just make sure to let everyone know beforehand and give your guests time to eat before heading to the wedding.


Want to still serve a meal but not dinner? Try a brunch reception. We’ve written several other posts on ideas on what serve at brunch, check them out here.


If you’d still like to serve dinner then a buffet may be the best option. These self serve stations allow guests to pick and choose what they want as well as mingle with other guests not just at one table. Just make sure to have some seating and cocktail tables for people who want to sit or put their food and drinks down.