Recently we have been posting fun food facts on our Facebook page. As a result, hundreds of people have been viewing these facts, commenting on them, and some people are even adding additional facts in correspondence to that day! WE ARE LOVING IT!

As a result, we decided to add some food facts to our blog. We have done extensive research and are legitimately citing our sources! WILD-it is as if we are back in college.

Food facts for today are about Animal Crackers:

As you are already aware, every child in the USA has grown up eating animal crackers. To us, it is a nostalgic cookie/cracker that has lasted through the ages and is still enjoyed by children and adults. I am sure you can recall a time or two when you were a tinsy-tiny-tot at the grocery store with your mother, begging her to buy you just one box of these delectable snacks.  If she didn’t buy these for you, there was at least once in your lifetime where you opened your packed lunch in the school cafeteria, to find the iconic cute red little box with the white soft string hanging from it. When that surprise happened, you could either keep your cookies and be the envy of the lunch room, or you could trade them for any hankering you may have had that day.

The packaging makes the treat, consolidated into a tiny box that you can carry, already full of cookies-literally perfect! In fact, this string on the box was first added right before Christmas time, with the intention of hanging these boxes on Christmas Trees.

It was in 1902 where the main hype of todays animal crackers began, known as  “Barnum’s Animals”. Inside each and every box, there are 17 different types of animals! Another interesting fact is that in 2002, where   Barnum’s Animals were celebrating their centennial, they had the public vote on a new animal to add to the current 17 types. The proud winner was the koala, beating its opponents of the walrus, penguin, and the cobra. Despite the koalas feat, there have actually been a total of 54 different animal cracker shapes produced. Only 37 of these animals belonging to the classic brand of Barnum’s Animals.

Overall, Nabisco is now the producer of Barnum’s Animal Crackers, making 7 million crackers every day!

Not only have these crackers played an important role in our childhoods, these cookies have been immortalized through movies from the Marx Brothers and Shirley Temple, such as the video clip below.




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