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Trying to figure out what healthy options you should have at your wedding or corporate event? Gil’s Elegant Catering has a few ideas for you that we love!

  • Make any pasta dish a little bit healthier by opting for quinoa or a vegetable base. This will save carbs and calories while still tasting amazing! This is such a simple way to make a classic dish a little bit healthier for your wedding or event.
  • Have a full salad bar! This sounds like it would not be filling, but when a salad is made properly, it can be and is filling. Rather than doing a buffet with a small salad option, ask about doing just a salad buffet. This can be a salad with he options of grille meats, beans, corn, quinoa, and anything else that will make a salad a full meal.
  • Another healthy option for catering is choosing salmon or another fish that is amazing grilled. Pair this with some grilled vegetables and rice or quinoa and you have the perfect healthy dish! For the people who don’t love fish that is too “fishy,” have the option of shrimp!
  • Lastly, you can do a buffet that gives people the option of how healthy or not healthy they want their meal to be, like a fajita buffet. Some people will get corn tortillas with grilled chicken and vegetables. Others will get the same, but with a flour tortilla and cheese! An option like this type of buffet allows people to choose how healthy their meal is and doesn’t make anyone feel like they are being forced to just eat a salad.

Contact us today to find out more about the catering options that we can do at your event or your wedding; we would love to help.