Healthy Catering Options

It can feel overwhelming to try and cater a healthy meal for your guests. Instead of reaching for the veggie platter at your next event try serving these healthy catering alternatives.

Deliciously Healthy Catering Options for Your Next Event

Pan-Crisped Salmon

This savory pan-crisped salmon dish is a hearty, healthy meal to serve your guests. Guests will appreciate the healthy option and it’s easy to serve with rice, potatoes, vegetables or a salad!

Fajita Bar

Veggies and a lean meat of your choice with tortillas are a perfect healthy way to get your protein and veggies at your event. And the best part of this flavorful meal is you and your guests can assemble them yourselves so you can portion according to your preference.

Quinoa Burgers

This quinoa burgers are topped with roasted red pepper, mayo, and the optional bacon (we can all afford to cheat a little). These juicy, pan-seared quinoa patties are a great healthy alternative to regular patties while still being delicious. We bet you guests will be coming back for more without the guilt of seconds.

Parmesan Crusted Butternut Galette

There’s something about the sweetness of squash, the caramel brown butter, the tangy parmesan and the crunchy sage that makes your mouth water. Butternut squash is a healthy alternative that doesn’t taste healthy at all. This delectable galette is a perfect healthy pastry for your event.

With these delicious and healthy catering options, you can impress your guests without sacrificing taste or nutrition. Let Gil’s Elegant Catering help you create a memorable event that nourishes your body and soul.

Ready to explore our healthy catering options? Contact us today to discuss your event and let us create a menu that’s both delicious and nutritious.

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