Inspiration from the top wedding caterer Dallas:

Once you’ve crafted the perfect custom wedding menu, you and your fiancé can have some fun deciding how to display the menu to all your guests. Whether your style is elegantly traditional or charmingly rustic, sleek modern or bohemian garden, every wedding theme deserves an aptly displayed menu that will make an impact at the reception. Your wedding caterer Dallas crafts a dinner menu uniquely suited to you—why should its display be any different?

Dig into our favorite wedding menu display ideas:

  • Chalkboards: Everyone is loving this trend, and it’s easy to see why. Chalkboards are the perfect combination of elegant fun. Have a calligrapher letter a scripted menu, or opt for a more casual handwritten vibe. For a unique twist, consider placing mini-chalkboards on each reception table.
  • Mirrors: A bit fancier than their chalkboard counterparts, mirrors make a beautiful statement. Use white paint pens to letter an elegant menu onto a mirror that fits your wedding style.
  • Wood: Another trend that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, wood menu displays are easily customizable to any wedding theme. Grab restored wood planks for a rustic theme, or use round tree stump cross-sections for an organic garden wedding. Write in white on the wood for a nuptial feel.
  • Printed: Of course, you can’t go wrong with a traditional printed menu. Opting for a classic medium doesn’t mean you can’t make printed materials totally unique to you! We’ve loved printed menus in every style. Menus elegantly scripted to match an invitation suite can be placed over the table setting with a sprig of greenery or organic ribbon. For the more adventurous bride, unusual printed menus can be placed in photo holder centerpieces, while a modern bride might opt to display them in a sleek acrylic photo frame.
  • Framed: whether hand-lettered or printed, your menu can be elevated to the next level with a frame that complements your wedding style. Place the framed menu before the buffet line, or on each reception table.Ideas for Displaying Your Wedding Menu
  • Doilies: We promise, these don’t have to look outdated. Paper doilies make for an elegant table setting when calligraphed with a custom menu and placed under a glass charger.
  • Napkins: Having custom cocktail napkins printed? Kill two birds with one stone by having the menu printed directly on the napkin. The menu will be easy to find, accessible, and one less additional thing to print.
  • Easels: Prop your menu on a display easel at the entrance to your reception. Drape the easel in matching florals to complete the look.
  • Fortune Tellers (also known as Cootie Catchers): Give your guests an entertaining dose of nostalgia with foldable paper fortune tellers containing your custom wedding menu. Order online from sellers on Etsy, or even create a template to print your own!

    Wedding Caterer Dallas | Gil's Elegant Catering: Ideas for Displaying Your Wedding Menu 

  • Go big: Make your menu a big-scale backdrop. This makes an impressive statement, and a beautiful photo opportunity to boot. Have a calligrapher letter your menu on a larger than life background (anything works, from canvas to paper!)
  • Leaves: Would you believe it?! This one is the topper on the cake, proving you really can do anything you like when it comes to displaying your wedding menu. Believe it or not, we’ve seen brides execute this one beautifully. With a white paint pen, have a calligrapher write directly on oversized leaves. You’re sure to make a statement!

No matter which trend you use to display your wedding menu, guests are going to love your personalized touch. And did we mention the gorgeous photo opportunities you’ll get from these displays? You and your guests will love having a custom display to complement your custom menu. To craft your own wedding menu with Gil’s Elegant Catering, one of the top names for wedding caterer Dallas, just get in touch. We’d love to hear about your menu (and display!) ideas for your big day.