Dallas Wedding Menu Ideas | Mom’s Cooking

We hope all you mothers out there had a wonderful weekend celebrating Mother’s Day this past week! Moms are an integral part of pulling wedding details together… it wouldn’t happen without your much-appreciated assistance. Brides and grooms, be sure to extend the Mother’s Day love throughout the wedding planning process. Only one Mother’s Day is never enough to celebrate these wonderful women!

Some couples choose to honor their mothers with a unique gesture on their special day: custom menu selections! For couples who love home-cookin’ more than any other dish, a custom menu is the perfect way to incorporate a taste of home into your wedding.  It used to be that comfort foods were taboo at wedding tables, deemed “too heavy” for the occasion. However, today’s menus put enough of a twist on your favorite at-home meals that they can absolutely work at a wedding. Mac-n-cheese can become a bite-sized appetizer that guests will rave about! Serve up sliders as a late-night snack or feature an action station with grown-up grilled cheese.

We also love to see couples integrate cultural foods into their menus in a way that honors their (or their moms’) heritage. Whether we go all-out with cultural foods from start to finish, or incorporate a cultural tradition into the appetizers, we know guests and family of the couple appreciate this nod to an important part of the couple’s identity.

Why not make a grateful gesture to mom in your wedding menu selection? If you love her cooking, there’s no reason you can’t incorporate a taste of her delicious homemade favorites into your special day. We’d love to help you put together a unique menu that honors Mom and wows your guests. Your Dallas wedding menu can be one of a kind. Just get in touch to get started!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!