If you’ve spent any time researching wedding ideas on Pinterest, you know that the “signature drink” trend is a huge hit. Crafting a special cocktail adds a personalized touch to your wedding day that will entertain your guests. With all the wedding signage out there, naming your signature cocktail is almost as important as the mixology of the drink! Of course, the name of every couple’s signature cocktail should be unique, but we have a few ideas on how to get inspired.

  • Wedding colors: Why not pick a drink that fits your color scheme? Whether you go for a twist on “pink lemonade” or play up wintry burgundy hues with raspberries, use your wedding colors as inspiration for a one-of-a-kind cocktail.
  • Play on tradition: you know the old adage… Something borrowed, something blue. Bring this age-old tradition into a modern context by using it to name your signature drink! “Something blue” goes a long way for drinks with blueberries (“something blueberry mojitos”) or blue curacao.
  • Mix-n-match names: make a list of drink-related words, then look for phrases that could combine with the bride and groom’s names. From a “Dan-hattan” or “McAllister Mule” to a “Philthy Martini,” drinks that play on the couple’s names are sure to elicit a smile from entertained guests.
  • Location: incorporate the name of your venue or hometown into the drink—we think this idea works especially well when the bride and groom have different hometowns. These signature drinks are sure to spur a conversation and get guests talking about where they met the bride or groom.
  • Play on Words: you can always find a clever play on words that will work as an entertaining drink name. Sip on a “Mint to Be Julep” or a “Bloody Marry Me.”

Have your wedding designer or calligrapher create a custom sign for your unique beverage so everyone can enjoy the name you’ve selected. Write on chalkboards, wood signs, mirrors… anything that fits your style! You can even print a label yourself and frame it for an easy but beautiful accent. If you’re seeking a caterer in Dallas, don’t hesitate to reach out. We would be honored to work with you and craft a signature cocktail bar!