The work week has begun, and our food conscious has now recollected itself, knowing that our bodies should only consume healthy items…at least until Friday, or Saturday. Depending on your personality and which day of the week you deem the beginning of your “cheat day(s)” prepare, you still have approximately 3 more days! My cheat days are always on the weekends, from Friday evening to Sunday evening. I have been known to splurge with decadent delights and indulge in sweet treats that are one million calories per bite. But for this work week, lets focus on healthy choices that are tasty too! Below is one of Gil’s Elegant Catering tastiest salads: the Steak House Wedge.

At your next event-give it a go, with lettuce drizzled by buttermilk bleu cheese dressing, topped with an added crisp sweet taste of apple smoked bacon bites. Together the salad has the crisp fresh lettuce crunch combined with a smooth and creamy dressing, and optional bites of tomatoes. Are your tastebuds craving this healthy treat? If not, I have another healthy option for you.


Below: Our tossed greens served with soft black beans, rich flavored sweet yellow corn and plump juicy cherry tomatoes, finished with a drizzled zesty lime vinaigrette. This salad is great, not only do you get some protein, you get a healthy dosage of veggies, and fight cancer by the wonderful antioxidant properties of tomatoesWatkins+Kennedy 100