“Violet, you’re turning violet!” This may happen to you once you eat this pie-yummy! But don’t worry,  it wont actually be a Violet Beaurgarde mistake where they have oompa loompas rolling  you out to the Juicing Room. Anyway, make this pie-it is delightful.




6 cups of Fresh Blueberries, or 2 cans of blueberry filling-if blueberries are out of season

1 Premade Frozen Pie Shell, or 2 Rolls of Pie Crust (one for the base and one for the top)

1 Roll of Pie Crust for the top (if you buy the frozen shell)

3/4 Cup of Sugar

1/2 Cup of Flour

1 Egg

1/4 Tablespoon of Ground Cinnamon

1 Tablespoon of Lime Juice




1-Mix your blueberries, flour, sugar, cinnamon and lime juice in a bowl.

2-Pour the mixture into your pie shell

–> Or if you are making your own pie shell or using a roll of premade, roll it into a pie pan

3-Unroll one sheet of crust, and use a melon scoop or small cookie cutter of your preference to cut holes out of the crust- leaving a pretty pattern.

4-Gently place your top layer of crust over the pie and filling

5-Pinch the two layers of the pie together

6-Take your egg, crack, extract the egg white-and gently brush over your pie crust.

7-Sprinkle some sugar on the top of the pie

8-Now place in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to let sit

9-Next take a sheet of foil that will fully cover your pie, fold in half (hamburger style-NOT hotdog) and cut a circle out from the middle. Make your cut approximately 3 inches from the edge of the foil and you will cut out a half moon. Unfold, and place the foil that now has a perfect circle cut out of the middle over your pie.

–> By doing this, your pie will brown, but your crust will not overcook and as an end result be the same color as the rest of your pie! Neato!!!!

–> Also make sure you actually pinch the foil to the pie pan or else it will not work effectively.

10-Place pie onto a cookie sheet so you have easy removal from the oven. (and it will catch any drips or falling crust)

11-Bake for 45 minutes at 400 Degrees Fahrenheit-or bake until golden.

* Some ovens cook differently, if your pie is browning too quickly (in the first 20 minutes of cooking and looks tan-dont bake it at 400 for the remaining 25 minutes,  turn it down to 350.

*Also, do not remove your pie until your filling is bubbling, once you are satisfied iwth your pie browning, remove from the oven and let sit for 30-40 minutes before serving

12-Serve warm with one scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream.

Blueberry Piepie5pie dough


Bon Appétit